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Mudpuppy Puzzles and Games

Guides & Fact Sheets

In the excitement of completing a puzzle or playing a game, sometimes the papers in the box can get misplaced. Don't worry! This is where you'll find guides, fact sheets, and other information for products when the original isn't available!

Wildlife & Animal Field Guides

Endangered Species Map Puzzle Field Guide

Doggie Days Search & Find Field Guide

The Great Outdoors Search & Find Field Guide

Arctic Above & Below Wildlife Field Guide

Bugs & Butterflies Wildlife Field Guide

Fruity Jungle Wildlife Field Guide

The Great Plains Wildlife Field Guide

Wetlands Wildlife Field Guide

Little Park Ranger Wildlife Guide


Science Puzzle Sets Fact Sheets

Animal Anatomy Fact Sheet

Plant Anatomy Fact Sheet

Wild Food Chain Fact Sheet


Specific Product Questions

Q: What are the different artistic styles I can create with my colored pencils?

A: Mudpuppy Colored Pencil Art Tips


Q: Wondering where in the world that exhibit is from in the Art and Culture Museum Search & Find Puzzle?

A: Art and Culture Museum Search & Find 


Q: What is that animal in the Little Park Ranger National Parks of the U.S.A. Puzzle?

A: Little Park Ranger National Parks of the U.S.A. Animal Identification