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Our Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

Galison Publishing LLC believes in celebrating all forms of creativity, augmenting respect for all artists, and honoring the differences that make each person distinctly who they are. Even if we may sometimes falter in these goals, we will always strive to promote and maintain a community in which diversity is welcome and self-expression supported — where each person feels included.

Galison Publishing LLC’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives are designed to positively impact the firm’s three core areas: our employees, customers and business partnerships.



All DEI efforts for staff are led by our comprehensive Diversity & Inclusion Journey — our internal action plan to drive greater equity and inclusion across all parts of our business.

As a community, we hold regular training sessions with Authentic Coaching and Consulting, a diversity advisor. We also partake in a monthly DEI book club.  We have  integrated  BIPOC Employee Resource Groups and Allyship for All Resource Groups into our work community.



Our collaborative products will feature an increasingly broader range of artists/illustrators and writers/authors. We have also initiated third-party authenticity reviews, plus anti-racism training for our team, as we craft our collections with intention. 

Furthermore, we will continue to develop products that address certain topical issues, with a portion of the net proceeds directed toward causes that we as a community wish to support. One example is our ongoing collaboration with DreamYard, a Bronx-based public arts organization; the profits of each series of products we co-develop help support scholarships that enable DreamYard student participants to attend a college of their choice.


Business Partnerships

In addition to taking steps to improve both our work environment and representation in our products, we have a responsibility to support and affiliate with organizations in our ecosystem that will help influence the lasting change we seek.


We are therefore committed to:

  • Creating distinct partnerships with minority-owned bookstores and retailers, both stateside and worldwide. By increasing our efforts to support these businesses, we can help ensure they prosper and thrive. 
  • Using minority-owned service providers, vendors and contractors whenever possible. 
  • Exploring new strategic partnerships that can help us achieve our goals for greater representation at all levels, including within our marketing and distribution relationships. 
  • Integrating anti-racist causes and organizations — particularly those that align with our publishing mission — in our annual donations budget, across all companies.