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Jigsaw Puzzles are for Kids

There are many ways jigsaw puzzles help with cognitive skills, relaxation and mindfulness - as well as being a fun social and family activity.

Explore our incredible selection of jigsaw puzzles! From 2 to 1000 pieces - great for kids, family nights, & seniors.

Mudpuppy Reviews!

Soo much fun
My nephew who just turned 5 loved this!!!! :) he was so excited to complete it, great puzzle!


Great for Seniors too!
I bought this puzzle to work with my 95 year old mother with mild dementia. It is perfect! She was able to do many pieces independently, and she enjoyed talking about the animals.


Kid loved it!
My kiddo spent several hours coloring this roll in, then we hung it up on the wall. I'm buying more for when we're able to travel again!


Really fun puzzle!
My 4yo absolutely loves this puzzle. We talk about the continents as she puts them together and she loves learning about the “special pieces” and their locations.


Earth & Kid Friendly!

Mudpuppy - Non Toxic Inks

All of our games, books, and puzzles –as well as packaging– are printed with safe, non-toxic inks.

Mudpuppy - Non Digital

One of our core design principles is to engage kids and promote learning without the use of digital screens or technology.

Mudpuppy - Eco Friendly

Mudpuppy is committed to designing and producing eco-friendly products that have a minimal carbon footprint.

Mudpuppy - 90 percent recycled greyboard

All of our puzzle greyboard contains 90% recycled paper. And our packaging contains 70% recycled paper.